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When it comes to the workplace, turns out female and millennial employees want the same thing. According to a study covered in Fortune magazine, both of these employee types seek a healthy work/life blend, a sense of meaning from their work, and transparency. Who knew when I started BuzzBack that these would emerge as defining principles of our own company culture. And, it then comes as no surprise, that our company is 60% women and 40% millennial. This has turned out to be a differentiating strength for us as we study brands – women and millennials are often the target consumers our clients are most interested in.

Another aspect of the study however surprised me. When asked, only a third of both women and millennial responders aspired to the C-suite. The study sponsors, Saba (a talent management firm) and, think that this may be due to lack of role models at the top rungs of the corporate ladder. But they also point to a shift in the definition of leadership to one where making an impact at one’s company and developing into a recognized expert and influencer is more important. I’m hoping at BuzzBack we can offer both definitions of leadership – the traditional title-based one, and one where personal and professional goals converge.

As a female business founder, CEO, mentor and mother (of twin college-bound Gen Zers, boy and girl),  I am constantly thinking about what work will look like in the future, and how BuzzBack needs to adapt to continue attracting the brightest talent. I’ll be speaking on female leadership and entrepreneurship at a professional networking event in Philadelphia next week. I’m looking forward to hearing how other business owners and managers are creating workplaces that nurture the next generation of leaders. After all, our futures depend on them.


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