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Trust the Water Heater Repair Experts In Dubai 
Water heater repairing services are often required. Water heaters remain in use throughout winters and slight malfunction can cause plenty of problems for you. It is best to be in touch with a water heater repairing service so that you have someone on hand to fix the issue quickly if something goes wrong. Water heaters are of different types, two of the most common types that are used in homes and offices are the electric water heaters and the gas water heaters, electric waters heaters are more commonly used though. Our technicians have expertise in both plumbing and electric appliances making it easier for them to fix the issue quickly and making sure that your heater remains safe for use. Our team consists of well equipped and professional technicians who provide round the clock water heater services. On getting the call we usually dispatch our team within a few hours to fix the issue, if needed you can also place an emergency call in which case our team will arrive at your doorstep even quicker. Always keep in mind that a malfunctioning water heater is a potential safety risk, it is advised that you do regular maintenance checks to avoid any mishap. Moreover, water heaters draw a lot of electricity to keep a lid on huge bills you need to have your heater monitored by an expert who can optimize the settings to maximize the heating ability and minimize the bills. We look forward to providing you our services. Have a problem? Then don’t hesitate to Call: +971 50 336 5035 SB tech Dubai.



Pool Heater Repair


AquaPoolCo Service & repair offers pool heater repair for all major Areas in Dubai.  We offer pool heater repair for many different models and brands of pool heaters.

Electric Pool Heater Repair


Electric pool heaters work by using an electric heat pump to heat the swimming pool water. This type of pool heater is for homeowners who want to swim any time of year. Electric pool heaters are also perfect for athletic trainers who want a pool heater but has a roof that’s too small for a solar heater. Electric pool heaters, when sized properly, can regulate a pool’s water temperature between 20-40 °c, no matter what the weather is like outside. Electric pool heaters can only work with temperatures 20 °c or more, which is perfect for Arizona since it never gets below that temperature.

Sometimes the heat pump will go bad which leaves you with the broken pool heater. SB tech can fix broken heat pumps.

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Pool Heater Replacement 


If your pool heater will not work anymore or is beyond repair, it’s time for pool heater replacement. If you have an electric pool heater, replacing it with a gas pool heater can be great for energy efficiency. However, if you don’t have natural gas than an electric pool heater with a pool heat pump should work just fine. Look no further than SB tech for professional and affordable pool heater replacement.

  • Electric Pool Heater Replacement

Professional Pool Heater Installation


SB tech offers professional pool heater installation services throughout the Dubai Area. Want to keep swimming even when it becomes cold outside? Installing a pool heater will help you heat your water quickly and enjoy your pool all year long. Pool heaters are great for in-ground pools in Dubai. You can choose from many different types of pool heaters to install.

Pool Heater Installation Services


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